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Strait South; New Memories and Friendships!

June 13, 2012

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Just recently Strait South returned from Nashville Tennessee, where for their first time as a duo had the opportunity to perform, Down Town in Nashville for the 41st Annual CMA Fan Fest, which is Nashville's Biggest Country Festival! The CMA's are an important part of Nashville's Country History, and as musicians it is an honour to be able to participate in such an event. While in Nashville Straight South teamed up with their writing partner Mr. Sheriff Cusic, and collaborated on some unique writing projects and are currently in the process of tackling the third and fourth songs that will be a part of Strait South's first album. Writing music is an amazing art form, as it not only brings words and ideas together to create a story, but also writing music can bring people together and form incredible memories which in turn become long lasting friendships. This concept can also be true about a song. When you listen to a particular song over and over again you become very familiar with its style and its lyrics and melody and most of the time however not always, the song grows on you and you really enjoy listening to it, and becomes very memorable to you. As musicians we make this connection with people we write with, and this allows us to create music with real heart and soul and in turn we get to enjoy not only the music we write but the friendships and memories we make along the way!

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