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About meet-and-greets

A meet-and-greet is an opportunity for members of Southern Fun Fans to meet Strait South backstage at one of her shows. Southern Fun Fans are eligible for up to one meet-and-greet pass per show and up to three passes per year. Meet-and-greet passes are non-transferable. There is no additional cost for meet-and-greets.

Signing up

You must be logged in and have an active – i.e. unexpired – Southern Fun Fans membership to sign up for a meet-and-greet. If a show has a meet-and-greet, the sign-up date and time will be listed on the event page under the Tour section of the website. At the time listed, a sign-up button will appear on that page.

For each show, there is a predetermined number of passes available. Five days before the show, pass recipients will be randomly selected from the pool of entries and notified via email. You can also check back on the tour page to see if you were randomly selected.

A meet-and-greet pass is valid for one person. There are only two exceptions:

  1. An adult must accompany members under 13 years of age.

  2. One additional person may assist members with special needs.


In these instances, please contact Fan Club Support after receiving a pass. Under no other circumstances will an additional person be allowed to attend the meet-and-greet.

If you allow your Southern Fun  Fans membership to expire, any meet-and-greet sign-ups for upcoming events will be cancelled.

Attending a meet-and-greet

You need a ticket to the show in order to attend the meet-and-greet. On the day of the show, an envelope containing your pass and directions to the meet-and-greet location will be available at the venue will call under your name (or the name of the accompanying adult).

Meet-and-greets typically take place one hour before Strait South's performance time. We recommend that you pick up your envelope at least 30-45 minutes before the meet-and-greet time.

At the designated time and place, a staff member will take you backstage to meet Strait South. Latecomers will not be allowed into the meet-and-greet. You do not need to bring a camera, as we will provide a photographer. You may bring one item for Strait South to autograph.

Meet-and-greet photos

To obtain your meet-and-greet photo, find your event on the Tour Archive page. The photos will be posted within 24 hours under the heading “Meet-and-greet photos”. Download your photo for free by clicking the thumbnail and saving the high-resolution version. Please save your meet-and-greet photos as they may be removed without notice.

If you would prefer to have your meet-and-greet photo unpublished, please contact Fan Club Support.

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